Patchnotes 1.9

- Behemoth's Knuckle [1on1] job changed to Assist
- Cloak of Honor added to Donate Shop
- Scratch Card (Low) added to Collecor field (you can get up to 1.000 Monster Chips)
- Scratch Card (Middle) added to Collecor field (you can get up to 5.000 Monster Chips)
- Roulette Scratch Card name changed to Scratch Card (High) (You can get up to 10.000 Monster Chips)
- Lusaka weapons added to [Weapon] Boboku
- Revenio Set (M/F) model fixed
- GoW Forcegem job changed to Billposter
- Lightspeed Dragon King's Set (F) fixed
- Some models fixed because of little laggs
- Some descriptions changed
- Road Hog Set (M/F) added to [Monster Chip Dealer] Drake
- GoW Forcegem effect changed to 25% HP
- Demon Set (M/F) added to [Cash Shop] Kate

Balance Update:
- Force Master HP increased (10%)
- Templar HP increased (10%)
- Arcanist Blockrate decreased (10%)
- Force Master Blockrate decreased (10%)
- Mentalist Blockrate decreased (10%)
- Whisper Dodge effect changed from 20% Melee Block to 20% Ranged Block

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 12.07.2014, 08:02 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.8

- Destructive/Lightspeed/Almighty boxes fixed
- GoW Templar Shield job changed to Knight
- GoW Shield fixed
- Behemoth level changed to 150
- Kheldor level changed to 150
- Merkaba Hanzelrusha cooldown changed to 1sec
- Roulette binding-unbinding fixed
- Guild Siege is now every 8hours
- Some descriptions changed (Velocity/Vote Scroll)
- Kheldor cloak model fixed
- Roulette will be activated after 60min play time

Balance will be adjusted over time!
- Force Master hp increased (10%)
- Harlequin hp decreased (10%)
- Seraph hp decreased (20%)
- Cimetiere's Scream damage decreased

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 04.07.2014, 22:16 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.7

- now you can model your Bruce Lee Fist
- some descriptions added (Scratch Card and so on)
- Pumpkin Mask (M) added to Monster Chip Dealer (now you can model it)
- Pumpkin Mask (F) added to Monster Chip Dealer (now you can model it)
- GoW Set models from Seraph to Forcemaster changed
- Silver and Gold batterie from donation shop removed
- Copper Battery (1 day) price changed to 300Vp
- Scroll of Experience ES(S) removed from FFA Exchanger
- Gold and Silver Battery prices changed (FFA Exchanger)
- PK Potion removed
- Hot Ddukguk cooldown increased to 2sec
- School Witch Set (F) added to [Cash Shop] Kate

Balance Update:
Balance will be adjusted over time!
- Force Master hp reduced
- Harlequin hp increased
- Slayer hp reduced
- Arcanist hp increased
- Penya Strike damage increased
- Spirit Bomb damage reduced

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 28.06.2014, 20:13 Uhr

Small Update 1.6

- Hp switch bug available again
- Bahamut again hatchable
- Capture the flag system added at Taifun -> More Informations later in our forums
- GoW vote scroll added to the item mall

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 22.06.2014, 17:43 Uhr

Server Maintenance

There'll be a server maintenance at 5 p.m. UTC+1.

Yours sincerely, GoW staff

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 22.06.2014, 15:40 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.5

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
Patchnotes 1.5
- Soul Adept Set speed effect changed to 10%PvM damage
- Lord Event prices adjusted
- Blockrate from all Giants reduced
- new CFlyff pets added to donate shop
- Secret Room Line Up time increased to 5min
- Bruce Lee Fist added to Event Token Shop
- Scroll of Name Change added to Vote Shop
- Scroll of Guild Name Change added to Vote Shop
- Roulette rates adjusted
- GoW Forcegem effects changed to 25%HpRate and 40INT
- GoW Shield added to Donate Shop - 20%HpRate and 40INT (Elementor/Ranger/Ringmaster)
- Gow Shield got new job -> Templar
- some texts and names changed
- new fashion sets added to donate shop

Regards Crank

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 22.06.2014, 03:53 Uhr

Patchlogs 1.4

World Cup Event has started!
More information in our forums!

- Fixed the Dark Illusion bug
- Fixed a lot of colors -> Privat shop colors etc.
- Fixed Hp switch bug
- Fixed Stun bug!
- Fixed Timer

- Added a new Model Viewer! Press Shift & click on an item to preview it!!
- Added Item wiki! You can find it under Start->Systems->Item-List. There you can see almost all Items ingame with points etc.You can just click on the item in the list to preview it!

- Roulette: Laser Sword win changed to "2011 FWC Card" (30min - 20%HpRate)
- Storm Event has ended but you can exchange all your Diamonds/Wooden Boards for the next week
- GoW Shield job changed to Vagrant
- Kriminel's Hand effects changed to normal ones
- Friendship (A)/(B) added to Lucky Box (General)

- Some speed changes because of some position bugs:
- Giant Speed Bead effect changed to 10% speed
- Scroll of Sprint effect changed to 15% speed
- Scroll of Velocity speed removed
- Ice fakes(Lemon) effect changed to 10% speed
- FLY effect changed to 10% speed

- Loyah changed to [Event Token] Loyah - every event you can win Event Token
- [Event Token] Loyah got this wins:
Font Editor - 1 Event Token
Blood Umbrella - 1 Event Token
Pink Parasol - 1 Event Token
Scratch Card - 2 Event Token (You can get up to 10000 Monster Chips)
Event Token Box - 5 Event Token (Includes Custom Beads & CFlyff Pets)

Regards GoW-Team

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 20.06.2014, 01:55 Uhr

Bigger Update!

Dear Community,
we are planning a bigger update for almost a lot of fixes and general stuff.
The server maintenance will start tomorrow (the 20th June 2014!!!) at 00:00a.m./UTC+1.

Duration ~ 60-90mins.

Regards GoW-Team

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 18.06.2014, 14:25 Uhr

Statement Rollback

Dear Community,
we apologize for the Rollback, therefore we will start an Exp, Drop & Penya (x1.5) Event for 2 days.
The event will start tomorrow at 9 a.m./UTC+1
Sorry for the Inconvenience.


Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15.06.2014, 23:02 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.3

- fixed a few bugs
- Added a new Timer under Start->Systems->Timer
There you can see the Times of Guildwar, FFA and the cooldown of the Dungeons you did!
- Added an automatical Penya to Perin changer! It will work if you reach 2.1B Penya
- fixed almost Ingame problems

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15.06.2014, 22:02 Uhr

Server Maintenance

Today there will be a server maintenance at 9pm /UTC+1
Regards ~GoW staff~

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15.06.2014, 18:43 Uhr

Hotfix 1.0

- some client crashes fixed
- no model bug fixed
- ffa mode times fixed
- new PvP Area added
- Rainbow Race Officer added in Flaris

Regards Crank

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 14.06.2014, 18:13 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.2

- Awakes adjusted:
Def Rate removed
3 slot awake chance increased
CritRate increased from 5-10

- Lucky Box (Pet) changed to Lucky Box (General)
- Lucky Box (General) new wins added:
Remantis Laccotte
Pot of Love
Pot of Thanks
Scroll of Experience ES(S) (stackable 1/5)
Scroll of Rebirth (low chance)

- Scroll of Holy got 2sec cooldown
- Sleep got 2sec cooldown
- Satanology got 2sec cooldown
- Nasty Chick Hair (F) added to [Monster Chip Dealer] Lizz
- power ups from storm event retained after death
- PvP Area adjusted (portals)
- some colors changed

New Siege Times:
- Guild Siege times: every day 8:00p.m / 20:00Uhr
- FFA times:
Hour 07:15p.m / 19:15Uhr
Hour 11:15p.m / 23:15Uhr
Hour 03:15a.m / 03:15Uhr
Hour 07:15a.m / 07:15Uhr
Hour 11:15a.m / 11:15Uhr
Hour 03:15p.m / 15:15Uhr

Party Dungeons:
- Dark Rartesia monster hp decreased (180k-200k)
- Dark Rartesia monster block heavily decreased
- Upresia Queen spawn fixed

- Kalgas cooldown changed to 240min
- Kalgas blockrate decreased
- Kalgas dungeon spawn fixed

- Behemoth cooldown changed to 240min
- Behemoth blockrate decreased
- Behemoth damage increased

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 12.06.2014, 22:25 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.1

- some ingame colors changed (inventory number...)
- Roulette got new win: Scratch Card
- Soul Leech back added to Diamonds
- Cimetiere's Scream damage reduced
- Guild Siege changed to every day

- Options -> Change Hotkey fixed
- Hide System fixed
- position errors in area fixed
- some Models fixed
- Some text errors fixed

ScratchCard wins:
- 1000 Monster Chips
- 4000 Monster Chips
- 6000 Monster Chips
- 9999 Monster Chips

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 12.06.2014, 09:30 Uhr

Patchnotes 1.0

- Destructive Dragon King's Boxes added to [Monster Chip] Joe
- Lightspeed Dragon King's Boxes added to [Monster Chip] Joe
- Almighty Dragon King's Boxes added to [Monster Chip] Joe
- Destructive Dragon King's Mask added to [Monster Chip] Joe

- 1Damage Bug fixed
- Post Bug fixed
- Donation Set Models fixed

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 08.06.2014, 15:31 Uhr

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